Chid Hero

Child Hero™: A Service-Learning Program of Metro Toy Drive

In reference to toy drives, we are often asked “why duplicate a program that already exists?” Well, for starters, the need in our communities is so great that no single entity can reach everyone in need. Moreover “what makes Metro Toy Drive™ different from similar causes, many of which have been around for years. There are two distinguishing...

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Child Hero Pilot Toy Drive Big Success

Our Child Hero program proved to be a great early success! Even though Auden Achenbach, our other Child Hero, had to suspend his toy drive due to family health challenges, ten year-old Micaela Herring’s toy drive exceeded our expectations and drove tremendous action in her community town of Canby, OR. Just how well did she do? 2011: Nov 15th-Dec 25th Results...

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Micaela’s Toy Drive – 1st Week Results

Micaela’s 1st week results in December: 29 toys distributed to families in need! I’ve had the pleasure observing first hand the good that Micaela and her family are doing for their community. Here’s the latest from our Child Hero, Micaela. - In Micaela’s Mom’s own words, Sara: On Friday, December 2, Micaela had her first donation count...

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