Child Hero – Madeline

Volunteering and making a difference for others

Volunteering for Metro Toy Drive since:

About Madeline
Madeline Monlux is 12 years old and attends the seventh grade in Portland where she is a honor roll student and competitive volleyball player.  In the future, Madeline would like to follow her passion in primate conservation by becoming a Primatologist and working with the once near extinct Mountain Gorillas of Africa. She is a member of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund where she has had the opportunity to raise critical funds for the organization as well as speak out about her love of the gentle gorillas.

In 2011, Madeline had the opportunity to serve as Miss Oregon Pre -Teen, a year filled with volunteering through various organizations, speaking engagements and being a role model for others.  A standout of Madeline’s year was being invited to New York City to present her check of over $1000 to the CEO of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Madeline also loved meeting one of her favorite celebrities, Jennifer Lopez during her stop in Portland for American Idol!

Madeline is thrilled to be a Child Hero and is continuing to learn valuable leadership and community building skills through the programs educational curriculum.  She is honored to be affiliated with the Metro Toy Drive and having the unmatched opportunity to make a  positive difference in the lives of others!